We are going to begin taking orders for bundles again this week (starting May 27th).

Bundles will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. This is the only bundle sheet valid at this time. You must print off this sheet and bring it in to us or fill one out at the shop if you don't have a printer. WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ORDERS VIA FACEBOOK OR PHONE.


You pick ten things on this list and it's $100 + tax. Each additional mark over 10 is $10 per mark (13 marks = $130 + tax etc.)

Just like our usual make your own bundle sheet, to get 3.5# of bacon, it takes 2 of your 10 marks if you want the bacon. You don't have to get bacon, but if you do it's 2 marks instead of just 1.


You can pick the same thing multiple times if you want more of something.


We will be filling the bundles in order/as the product becomes available. We will not be filling any same-day bundle orders at this time as we're normally able to. Please bare with us as this process is different from normal. We estimate it will take 5-7 business days to fill your order, but this timeline cannot be promised and we will let you know as soon as your order is complete.

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